Thursday, January 29, 2009

some exciting news from Isaiah!

i'll start off with the most fantastic news: YES!! for those of you who don't know and for those that do: I'm officially engaged!

yes it's true, and i have the priviledge of being engaged to the most beautiful girl that ever walked this planet, erin kleinjan, who i actually met in japan about 9 years ago in high school. she also is a missionary kid who's parents are still serving God in Japan.i proposed to her on January 20th, we drove a little way up the beautiful california coast by motorcycle, stopped at our favorite beach, had a picnic, explored, climbed a huge rock that was basicallly surrounded by ocean, and during the spectacular west coast sunset, at the peak of the rock, i asked her... and she said yes!

and some of you are wondering, "where are you?" well, in my last update i was making a transition, and right now i am in californi. our main purpose, (mine and erin's) is to pay off her schools loans, get married, and raise prayer/financial support in order for us to be able to go back to Brazil as full-time missionaries with PAZ (

erin is working full-tiime, she is a nurse in the E.R. at a hosptial in whittier. she always has the craziest stories! and i am working 3 part-tiime jobs, each one includes working with young people. serving as a youth pastor while i'm here is proving to be excellent training for what we'll be doing in Brazil! We are doing our best to get those loans paid off, and the monthly support raised, and with your help, it will be accomplished!!

thankyou so much for your "rediculously cool" particicpation in this amazing group:) i would love to hear from you, hope your year has started out well.

running the race,



Nate Reutter said...

As they say in Japan, "Rock 'n Roll!!"

Crystal said...

God is sooo amazing! The Humes are just so happy for you and Erin, Isaiah! :-) We can't wait to see all the Lord has for you together.

We are really bummed tho' that your wedding date is the same day John graduates from Bethel, Reddings's School of Supernatural Ministry where he has been for the last year and a half. Matter of fact he just got back from Ecuador with Kevin Daedmon! They had some incredible experiences!

Let's connect sometime since you are in the area! Call (951) 751-3777 or email to! Also, John has a facebook page - he would love to hear from you!

Love you lots,

Crystal for the Humes

Anonymous said...

hey man, good job hehe, nice to meet u isaiah...great work at God´s cause..